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MSH Series Jaw Crusher

The Minyu-designed fully hydraulic jaw crusher is easier to operate and more efficient.

MSH Series Jaw Crusher

The fully hydraulic jaw crusher, which was developed by Minyu itself, is easy to operate, more efficient, and integrates the most recent technologies. Minyu Jaw Crushers are proven to be one of the most well-balanced jaw crushers in the world!


  • Tension rod & tension spring canceled, and replaced with hydraulic cylinder, which tighten the pitman arm.
  • Improved gap adjusting structure: direct gap adjustment with two hydraulic cylinders, locked when adjustment is made. No extra locking structure necessary, convenient & simple operation.
Model No. Feed Opening LxW (in/mm) RPM Motor Power (HP/kW) Weight (lbs/kg)
MSH362436x24 / 900x60025080-100 / 60-7528,248 / 12,840
MSH423042x26 / 1,050x650230120-150 / 90-11543,692 / 19,860
MSH543451x33 / 1,300x850200180-200 / 135-15060,500 / 27,500

All parameters are for reference only & subject to change without notice.

Capacity at closed side discharge opening size (in/mm)

Model No. TPH @ 3in / 80mm TPH @ 4in / 100mm TPH @ 5in / 125mm TPH @ 6in / 150mm TPH @ 8in / 200mm TPH @ 9in / 225mm TPH @ 10in / 250mm

Attention: Each of the specified capacities is the possible maximum capacity in continuous, normal unit & plant operations with satisfactory plant & unit configurations and under ideal working conditions, which include but are not limited to a full conformance to good quality of feed material as required, among other operational conditions which need to be established & maintained at all times. In reality, actual capacities will vary due to multiple site, plant & environmental factors. We do not guarantee in any way any capacity or production result without a separate, specifically written consent, particular to any case or installation being clearly identified & specified. Minyu Machinery Corp.,Ltd. reserve all rights.

Capacity based on continuous regulated feed of clean, dry limestone of normal hardness with a bulk density of 1.6 ton/m3. Capacity may vary +/- 25% with the size and nature of the rock and the working conditions of the plant. All parameters are for reference only & subject to change without notice.

Minyu Hydraulic Nitrogen Jaw Crusher: Dimensions

Dimensions (mm)

Model No. A B C D E F G H I J K L M

All parameters are for reference only & subject to change without notice.

Minyu Hydraulic Nitrogen Jaw Crusher: Profile Construction

Straightforward Design, Rugged Construction, Reliable Customer Service.

Minyu Jaw Crushers are Ideal for Crushing in Large Quantities.

With larger feed openings and bigger crushing strokes, the Minyu Jaw Crushers are suitable for crushing big size lumps in large quantity. They are especially recommended for primary and concrete recycling, river stones, tough ores, for a very long life. From the welded steel base to the rugged eccentric shaft, Minyu Jaw Crushers are built with brute strength and quality bearings.

Minyu Jaw Crushers are configured for primary crushing of the hardest rock. Incoming material is crushed between the jaw crusher’s fixed die plate and movable die plate through advancing and retreating motions of the jaw crusher pitman arm. The Jaw Crusher main shaft bearing includes a dust seal with oil bath lubrication.

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