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MVG 振動給料機

MVG 振動給料機根據物料的大小,將較小不需要破碎的物料直接排出,而只是將較大物料送入碎石機進行破碎,以增加破碎產能到最大。

MVG 振動給料機

明裕 MVG 系列振動給料機主要用於固定式初級破碎系統。它根據物料的大小,將較小不需要破碎的物料直接排出,而只是將較大物料送入碎石機進行破碎,以增加破碎產能到最大。

功能說明  : 


Model No. Feeder Size W x L (ft/mm) Max. Lump Size (in/mm) RPM Capacity T/Hr Motor (HP/kW) Approx. Weight (lbs/kg)
MVG 9243x8 / 900x240018 / 450600~950100~20010-15 / 7.5-113,960 / 1,800
MVG 12304x10 / 1200x300024 / 600600~950160~32015-20 / 11-157,700 / 3,500
MVG 15425x14 / 1500x420032 / 800600~950250~50030-40 / 22-3016,500 / 7,500

Capacity based on continuous regulated feed of clean, dry limestone of normal hardness with a bulk density of 1.6 ton/m3. Capacity may vary +/- 25% with the size and nature of the rock and the working conditions of the plant.

All parameters are for reference only & subject to change without notice.

MVG Inclined Vibrating Grizzly Feeder Dimensions Drawing

Dimensions (mm)

Model No. A B C D E F G H I
MVG 924900240012801670357840146027391235
MVG 12301200300016902150395983194033311320
MVG 154215004200208026004401355236846041818

Note: Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.



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