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MVGH 水平式振動給料機

MVGH 水平式振動給料機主要用於移動式破碎系統

MVGH 水平式振動給料機

MVGH 和 MVG 系列一樣,MVGH 水平式系列振動給料機也根據物料的大小,將較小不需要破碎的物料直接排出,而只是將較大物料送入碎石機進行破碎,以增加破碎產能到最大。但和 MVG 系列同類型相比,MVGH 系列外形上較低,機身較長,主要用於移動式破碎系統。整個振動系統包含兩個不平衡反向旋轉主軸。這樣產生了一個連續轉動的橢圓形運動軌跡,將物料向上向前拋出。分配齒輪用來控制拋射方向和振動過程的集中。
4. 以變速馬達驅動因此可藉由馬達速度調整進料的速率。
Model No. Feeder Size W x L (ft/mm) Max. Lump Size (in/mm) RPM Capacity T/H Motor (HP/kW) Approx. Weight (lbs/kg)
MVGH8242 1/2x8 / 800x240018 / 450600~850200~30015-20 / 11-157,590 / 3,450
MVGH9433x14 / 884x430020 / 500600~850300~40020-30 / 15-209,790 / 4,450
MVGH11504x16 / 1134x500022 / 550600~850450~55030-40 / 22-3011,770 / 5,350
MVGH13604x20 / 1288x600024 / 600600~850600~70040-55 / 30-4014,080 / 6,400
MVGH15605x20 / 1500x600040 / 1000600~850700~80050-67 / 37-5015,510 / 7,050

Capacity based on continuous regulated feed of clean, dry limestone of normal hardness with a bulk density of 1.6 ton/m3. Capacity may vary +/- 25% with the size and nature of the rock and the working conditions of the plant.

All parameters are for reference only & subject to change without notice.

MVGH Horizontal Vibrating Grizzly Feeder Dimensions

Dimensions (mm)

Model No. A B C D E F G H I J K

As factors, such as the feeding method, the material characteristics, the speed, the power applied, the hardness or compressive strength, or the mineral and moisture content of the material, will affect production capacities and gradations, Minyu Machinery does not guarantee production or gradation results presented in this catalog. All technical data and results should be used as a reference as they will vary with different field applications or operating conditions. All technical data and specs details are subject to change without notice, for continuous improvement purposes.

Note: Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.



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