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Maitek Washing and Classifying systems for Manufactured Sand

Aggregates Treatment Plant Complete with Washing, Water Clarification, and Sludge Dehydration Plant with Filter-Press

PLANT LOCATION: France | Washing plants

The washing and cleaning phases allow to remove the impurities as sand, clay or leaves from the aggregates, acting on the final product quality.

MAITEK also supplies a wide range of equipment for the aggregates washing and the sand recovery. Our range of machines includes: sand recovery units with hydro-cyclones, buckets sand recoverers, drum and log washers, dryer screens and rotating washing screens.

  1. Sand recovery units with hydro-cyclones
  2. Pump for hydro-cyclones units
  3. Drum washers
  4. Log washers
  5. Bucket sand recoverers
  6. Dryer screens
  7. Rotating washing screens

Sand recovery and grading units with hydro-cyclone

The sand recovery units with hydro-cyclones are planned and carried out to wash, screen, dry and separate the sand presents into the muddy waters coming from the material washing process.

The sand recovery units with hydro-cyclones and the buckets sand recoverers have the function to receive the mixture of sand and water with the aim to separate them in order to obtain dry sand and recycle the water that can be reused in the process. The sand recovery units with hydro-cyclones, compared to the buckets sand recoverers, assure better washing performances. The drum and log washer are machines used only for the aggregates washing; the drum washer is better to treat very dirty material while the log washer is better for very hard materials.





MAITEK started activities in 1999 with the aim to develop technologies for aggregates and basing their own activities on a staff of engineers and experts with 30 years of experience.
Our specialized engineers can study solutions “ad hoc” for the customer, made with 3D programs:

  • Feasibility study – Rendering
  • Installations layout – Rendering
  • Machineries design
  • Plants design
  • Structural analisys
  • Research and experimentation
  • Prototypes building
  • Worksite supervision & startup
  • Complete service keys in hand PRODUCTION
  • We build machines & plants customized
  • Supply of turnkey plants starting from the engineering to the supply, starting and testing

Via Vittorio Alfieri,8 – 61039
Ponte Rio di San Costanzo (PU)
Tel. +39 0721 9593 40
Fax +39 0721 9366 23

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