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Minyu's First Time at PHILCONSTRUCT MANILA 2016 | Minyu Machinery Corp. Skip to content

Minyu’s First Time at PHILCONSTRUCT MANILA 2016

MINYU’s first ever participation as an exhibitor at the PHILCONSTRUCT MANILA 2016 EXPO, held November 10 through 13, 2016, went not only very well throughout, but ultimately received very high remarks and gained much local industry-focused media publicity besides the attention of our booth visitors, thanks to many quality efforts made by all parties including one of our major local product representatives, JICAN.

In reality, MINYU was once again to well manifest her BEST PRICE/PERFORMANCE RATIO products in the market through solid local market facts and references, and with expertise-backed local support and accountability well recognized, trusted and testified by our local clientele, since our very first MINYU product entering the Philippines market in the 1970’s.

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